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Tippie College Conference SchedulerDisplay


In order to satisfy the growing need for conference room use and to assist our students in finding available group study areas, the Tippie College of Business began using RoomWizard™ devices to manage conference room reservations in spring 2009. The system proved successful, but the devices were very limited in what they could do. In the fall of 2010, STSG deployed a new expanded version which also includes College of Business information and the current weather.

Product Description

The SchedulerDisplays are a web-based room scheduling system with touch-screen display providing real-time, displayed meeting information, right where you need it—outside the room. The interactive digital signage incorporated into the display reduces meeting interruptions, eliminates scheduling conflicts, and encourages more effective use of space.

Each SchedulerDisplay shows its room's schedule: times, topics, meeting hosts, and more, encouraging effective time management and helping to reduce scheduling conflicts. The new SchedulerDisplays:

  • Display information outside the room, such as meeting topic, date and time, and organizer.
  • Use the touch screen to claim an unoccupied space for up to 1 hour (or as much time as is available until the next scheduled meeting).
  • View future scheduled meetings for the conference room.
  • Feature red and green schedules signal room availability from a distance—perfect for finding an impromptu meeting space or for avoiding interrupting other meetings.
  • Check the current and future weather conditions.
The conference room SchedulerDisplays communicate with the university's Exchange Server so schedule information is always up-to-date. To schedule a Pappajohn conference room, please call the Dean's Office, or use the Request a Reservation button (above, right).

SchedulerDisplays in PBB

  • PBB C106
  • PBB S104
  • PBB S126
  • PBB S326
  • PBB S364
  • PBB W326
  • PBB W364