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Touch Panel Instructions

  1. If A/V systems are off when entering the room, power up the sytem by pressing the Start button on the touchpanel. If the touchpanel is asleep (dark), simply touch the screen to wake it up. The startup process takes about 1 minute.
  2. Select the room configuration on the Start Session subpage:
    • Dual Screen Projection—Configures room to simultaneously display on both screens. Note that you cannot configure system to mute one screen while displaying on the other.
    • Left Screen Only—Left screen is configured for display, right screen is not used.
    • Right Screen Only—Right screen is configured for display, left screen is not used.
    • Cancel—Clears the Start Session subpage.
  3. On the Main Control Page, select the source for each projector (depending on Projection mode selected above) by pressing the Left Image or Right Image icon at the bottom of the screen.
    • Lectern PC—Computer located inside the podium.
    • Laptop Connection—Laptop (or other VGA source) connected to the laptop connection cables in the podium.
    • Doc Cam—Wolfvision Document Camera
    • VCR—Video cassette player located in the AV closet at the side of the classroom.
    • DVD—DVD player located located in the AV closet at the side of the classroom.
    • None—Default selection upon power up of the system. Currently an unused source. NOTE: If selected, the projector will display the projector manufacturer logo on a bluescreen.
  4. When finished with the room for the day, press the Done button. Pressing this button will begin an approximately 2-minute shutdown process that cannot be interrupted. Once shutdown is complete, start up takes approximately 1 minute. Do not push the Done button unless you are sure you are finished with the system!

View PDF file with more detailed instructions.

TouchPanel Control

TouchPanel Control

Startup/Shutdown Process Details

Approximately 30-40 seconds
  1. Powers up AV equipment mounted in closet
  2. Turns on the respective projector(s) and confidence monitor(s)*
  3. Lowers the respective projections screen(s)*
  4. Selects lighting preset number 2
*depending on selected Projection Mode
Approximately 2 minutes
  1. Mutes the AV audio
  2. Turns off the video projector(s) and confidence monitor(s)
  3. Raises the respective projections screen(s)
  4. Raises the window shades
  5. Selects lighting preset number 1

NOTE: During startup and shutdown, a progress screen will appear on the touch panel. During this time, all controls are locked out.