Stead Technology Services Group
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Current Projects, 2013-14

Informal Learning Space
Create an informal learning space just outside the Dean's Office area on the 1st floor.

Server Virtualization
Continue to virtualize servers as appropriate.

Tippie View West
Create a new interactive video wall on the west side of the building.

Online Classes
Continue to set up a "package" for online classes that gives faculty options based on their "exact" needs.

Mobile Apps
Many of our applications can/should be accessed via mobile devices. STSG will evaluate which applications are best suited for mobile devices and adjust the applications accordingly. We will also keep mobile apps in mind as new projects are developed.

MBA Full-time Database
The MBA Full-time Program has had a graduate student developing a number of database-related reports, etc. for them.

Embarc Transition to MAUI
STSG is currently working to transition the Embarc application for the MBA-PM Program to MAUI.

Tippie Website
Looks at ways to change the Tippie website to make it new, exciting, and fresh.

MBA Web Presence
Work with the Full-time MBA Program to help it enhance its web presence.

Pomerantz 4th-floor Exchange
Look at ways to redesign the 4th -loor MBA Exchange to better serve the needs of the students.

Electronic Bulletin Boards
Replace appropriate bulletin boards throughout the college with electronic units. This will allow for cleaner and more updated information about students groups and other areas.

C240G Redesign
The current usage of C240G is as a multi purpose room. A redesign of the room will help us use the room even better.

People Counters
We are installing people counters at the main entrances to PBB in order to get a better understanding of building usage and peak times.

Kiosk Replacement
STSG is replaceing the current kiosks in the builing with interactive ones to allow users to choose what they see on the kiosks.

S/W 401 Redesign
Our boardrooms need a refresh. We are replacing table and technology as appropriate.

STSG is working with the School of Management to implement SalesForce to keep data on our external constituents