Stead Technology Services Group

Current Projects, 2014-15

Business Intelligence
Examine ways to use Business Intelligence practices in our environment.

Replace 207/231 PCs
Replace computers in the computer classrooms.

Tippie View West
Create a new interactive video wall on the west side of the building.

S/W 401 Redesign
Our boardrooms need a refresh. We are replacing table and technology as appropriate.

DM/ CR Lect. Cap & Vid.
Examine adding lecture capture and telepresence capabilities in our remote sites.

TippieView Phase 3
Work on phase 3 of the South TippieView.

425/435 mediasite video
Examine adding video to the mediasite systems in 425/435 PC

S121 Redesign
Add dual projection and desk power to S121.

MBA Fulltime Web Presence
Work with the Full-time MBA Program to help it enhance its web presence.

Research Database
Create a database to store data on research being done in the college.

Embarc Transition to MAUI
STSG is currently working to transition the Embarc application for the MBA-PM Program to MAUI.

STSG is working with the School of Management to implement SalesForce to keep data on our external constituents

Tippie Website
Looks at ways to change the Tippie website to make it new, exciting, and fresh.

Mobile Sites
Many of our applications can/should be accessed via mobile devices. STSG will evaluate which applications are best suited for mobile devices and adjust the applications accordingly. We will also keep mobile apps in mind as new projects are developed.

IEM Rebuild
Examine rebuilding the IEM and how best to accomplish this.

Expand the use of the Intranet in the College.

Energy Data for View
Add Energy usage data and interactivity to the TippieViews.

Pats TV
Look into the viability of adding TV to Pat's Diner.

ACE Database
WOrk with the Dean's office to find a way to replace the ACE database.

BAIS Master's Application
Create an application for the BAIS Master's program.

BAIS Master's Website
Create a website for the BAIS Master's program.

Kiosks Phase 2
Add more functionality to the Kiosks.

Quad Cities Space
Work with SOM to find a suitable place in the Quad Cities for classes.

UPO Scholarship Dbase
Create a database for scholarship information in the undergraduate office.

Research Website
Add more data to the research web presence.

Research on TippieView
Add Research data on the TippieViews

Ed Tech Website
Create a website which promotes educational technology in the college.

Ottoman Power
Add power to the wood ottomans in the lounge areas.

Work with engineering to create a in-house build room scheduling device and application

Course Numbers
Replace old course numbers with new number in databases as appropriate.

Data Dashboard
Create a data dashboard for SOM and UPO to have better access to reports.

Student Newsletters
Create newsletters for student consumption.

Apps Server
Set up a server to consolidate and run all our applications on it.

Finance Data system
Look into programs / processes to better access our financial data.

Student Evals
Work with ITS on evaluating the student evaluation system.

ITC Partial Upgrade
Replace some of the computers in the ITC.

Des Moines Machines
Replace the computers in the Des Moines Center.

UPO Newsletter
Work with UPO to create a better Newsletter.

Continue working on the EEIR application.

SOM campaign landing pages
Enhance the SOM campaign landing pages.

Style changes for SOM web pages
Make style changes for SOM web pages.

MBA-PM Recruiting Events app
Create a recruiting events application for SOM-PM.

Accessibility Compliance of websites
Work on making all websites accessible.

Responsive template for SOM
Make sure the SOM pages template is responsive.

I3 Forum website
Create a website for the I3 forum.