Stead Technology Services Group

Graduate Student Desktop Support

The college provides most offices with two computers (some may contain only one PC) connected to the network. These computers are to be shared by all occupants of the office and used according to the University of Iowa Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

Students log on to these machines using their HawkID.

Graduate student offices are equipped with computer equipment running Windows XP Professional.

Drives are partitioned into a C: drive for system software and a D: drive for storing your data files. It is up to the users who share the machine to decide how to divide the space on the D: drive for use.

Stead Technology Services Group will fix most problems by replacing the C: partition with the standard software image. All data will remain on the D: partition.

Note: Any software that is not part of the standard software image must be reloaded by the user.

Information Regarding Graduate Student Office Computers