Stead Technology Services Group

Important Information Regarding Graduate Student Office Computers

Please read the following information carefully regarding the Stead Technology Services Group's support of grad student office computers.

  • Because all of the occupants of an office will be sharing the workstation, there are several restrictions in place. If any of these restrictions make it difficult to accomplish tasks related to your studies, please contact STSG. The restrictions currently in place are:
    1. Display control panel is disabled. You will not be able to change the screen resolution or depth, default color scheme, or other items associated with the display. This is to keep a consistent interface for all users of the system.
    2. Network control panel is disabled. All STSG-supplied workstations are connected to the campus backbone, and changes to the networking settings are not required.
    3. Users run under the User security group on the local machine. This means that most software will not install correctly logged in with a HawkID. If you require software for your studies that must be installed as an Administrator, please contact STSG. You will need a valid license and/or original software before STSG will install.
    4. The Internet Explorer home page defaults to the College of Business home page.
  • You must log in using your HawkID. The HawkID is a campuswide initiative and is thus subject to technical and policy-based restrictions that Stead Technology Services Group and the College of Business have no control over.
  • The My Documents folder (located on the desktop, and the Start Menu, and accessible through My Computer or Windows Explorer) is the default folder for saving files. Please save files to the My Documents folder, or a folder of your choice on the F: drive. If you save files to the physical path (C:\Documents and Settings\HawkID\My Documents), they may be deleted if your computer is reimaged to fix a problem.
  • Printing is now controlled through the HawkID print accounting system. The default printer is still the grad student printer located in C233. The color printer in the ITC is also configured. You are also able to print to the Document Center in C102 PBB. See your department secretary to get your copy code. Ph.D. students should see Renea Jay for their copy code.
  • The Norton AntiVirus program is installed and set to automatically update itself on a regular schedule.
  • Most software problems will be corrected by reloading the operating system and returning the machine to the state it was in when originally installed. This means that any software you installed on the hard drive will need to be reinstalled. Software not listed on the Stead Technology Services Group website as being supported in the standard software image must be requested to be reinstalled by STSG. Any user data files stored on the C: drive of the workstation will be deleted. Please store your data files in the My Documents folder, or a folder of your choice on the D: drive. Note that we will not reimage the workstation without informing all occupants of the office.