Stead Technology Services Group

Graduate Student Software Support

The Stead Technology Services Group installs and supports a suite of applications on graduate student computers.

  • Software is only installed on computers provided by the college. We cannot install software on a student-provided computer.
  • We do not provide support for software that is not included in the standard image.
  • Stead Technology Services Group will install licensed software applications needed for research or teaching. Student must supply evidence of current valid license.
  • Stead Technology Services Group is not responsible for personal data stored on the computer's hard drive. Back up your data files frequently!
  • Contact Stead Technology Services Group regarding any problems you may encounter with your computer. Call 319-335-0873 to report a problem.
  • Most problems encountered on graduate student computers will be solved by reimaging the C: drive containing the operating system and application software.
  • Current List of Supported Software
  • Important Information Regarding Windows Automatic Updates
  • Important Information Regarding Graduate Student Office Computers