Stead Technology Services Group

Instructional Services

Exam Services Procedures

Content Production
  • Still images—still photography, scanning (slide, flatbed), digital creation, image manipulation, OCR (optical character recognition), image archive
  • Audio
    • Audio production (audio capture DAT, audio capture direct to computer)
    • Audio post-production (analogue to digital conversion, audio editing digital)
    • Streaming web-based audio support (real-time transmission, store and forward)
  • Video
    • Video conferencing (general desktop Internet-based, video over IP, desktop)
    • Video production (analog capture, digital capture mini-DV, computer display to analogue video conversion)
    • Video post-production (video editing nonlinear/digital, digital special effects, digital graphics/art, video dubbing, VHS-VHS, DV-VHS, VH -DVD, DVD-DVD, DVD-VHS)
  • Hard copy, print color transparencies
  • Media distribution/display
    • CD burning
    • Multiple CD burning

      For burning more than 50 copies, contact Rod Mickle, Audio Visual, at 319-335-2541, C19 SSH.

      What to do
      Take the original CD over to C19 SSH or send through Campus Mail.
      Get a requisition from your department.

      $4.00 per CD plus packaging.
      Packaging runs 15 cents to $1.00.
      300 or more copies is $3.00 per copy.
      1,000 or more copies is $1.00 per copy (these will be sent out).

    • Output to VHS or other
    • Server space
  • Assistive Technologies
    • Web accessibility adherence
  • Equipment loan
    • Still photography (digital still)
    • Video (digital, tripod)
    • Audio (DAT, MP3)
    • Recorder
    • Portable projector
    • Conference phone
    • Laptops
    • Tablet PCs
    • Portable PA system
    • Computer to analogue video converter
Course Support
  • ICON (Iowa Courses Online)
    Copy courses from previous semesters
    Maintain online help via webmail
    Create, maintain, and troubleshoot student passwords and IDs
    One-on-one training and consulting for faculty and instructors
  • Elluminate
    Elluminate Live! enables you to talk over the Internet, chat online, share whiteboards, and share applications—all while ensuring the highest-quality user experience. Contact STSG at 319-335-0873 for information.
  • Coursepacks/student materials
    UI library licensed databases
    CEO Press Anthologies Custom Publishing
  • Auto Numbering
Office Support
  • Fax, incoming and outgoing
  • Merge and print Word documents
  • Limited data entry to Word, Excel
  • Scanning
  • Exam Service
Programming / Scripting
  • Javascript
  • Visual Basic
  • Flash
Servers / Content
  • tippieweb: general College of Business website
  • Instruct: student research web server
  • Streaming Media:
    • Real Server: College of Business streaming Real files
    • ITS streaming media services: general campus Real files, Quicktimes, mpeg
Teaching and Learning
  • Exam services
    • Edit manuscripts
    • Edit electronic exams from Stead database
    • Do final editing and scrambling of exam
    • Accept exam duplication requests for fulfillment at the PBB Copy Center
  • Provide faculty, student, staff learning opportunities
    • Short courses
    • 1-1 consulting
Web Development
  • Troubleshooting existing sites
  • Create database projects for web interaction
  • Cold Fusion
  • Edit and add content to existing pages
  • Monitor/Manage access for the tippieweb and Instruct servers
  • Redesign overall collegiate site