Stead Technology Services Group

Software Requests

Request Software


  1. Fill in the information on the ITC Software Request Form by the deadlines listed.
  2. Bring all applicable software documentation, media, and licenses, including some basic instructions for testing the capabilities you plan to utilize in your course (e.g., steps required to complete a typical student assignment) to C240 PBB.

Software Updates and Installations Policy

Software not requested and in the Stead Technology Services Group's possession by these deadlines will not be available in the lab by the start of the semester.

Deadline for new software requests: 1 month before end of current semester.

New software is software that has never been installed in the lab, or any version of software that hasn't been loaded in the last three semesters. Please review the ITC Software Requirements below.

Deadline for requests of a previously installed software package: End of current semester.

Previously installed software includes any version of software that has been installed in the ITC or classrooms within the last three semesters.

Deadline for updates during the semester: Wednesday of the week before software is required (2 weeks if software is new, see above).

Updates include new software, previously installed software, and updates or fixes to currently installed software.

ITC Software Requirements

The software must be verified by the Stead Technology Services Group as being network capable AND compatible with Vista or Windows XP SP2. In general, software should:

  1. Understand long filenames.
  2. Let Stead Technology Services Group determine the directory into which it will be installed.
  3. Allow Stead Technology Services Group to set the location of files the software needs to create modify.
  4. Not require their own specific device drivers or libraries which conflict with the software operating in our facilities.

All software used on our systems must be licensed in numbers adequate for the number of users of that software. Proof of licensing is required. Any software that disrupts subsequent users of the workstation will not be installed. The use of software operating from a diskette will be discouraged and will be used only in extreme circumstances. The use of software requiring the use of hardware devices for security purposes will not be allowed.

Request Software