A Vibrant Community

Impacting the Community

Tippie students have fun and donate time to important causes while members of student organizations. In one project alone, students this year will raise $50,000 to build a sixth Habitat for Humanity Home through the Tippie Build project.

Impacting the Community

A Vibrant Community

Tippie students engage in the community through student organizations like Business Student Ambassadors. Student organizations offer professional growth opportunities all while having fun and donating time to important causes.

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Time for Fun

There’s definitely fun to be had in the college. Tippie Fest at the beginning of the year includes food and music, but students can also learn about all the student organizations and the value of becoming a member and leader of those groups.

Pappajohn Business Building Video Tour

Pappajohn Business Building Tour

Learn more about your home while you're a student here.

Undergraduate Student Organizations

Undergraduate Student Organizations

Join one to broaden your college experience.

MBA Student Organizations

Student Organizations for MBAs

They are at the heart of the new career academies.


Student Life

Students in the Tippie College are able to:

  • Learn firsthand from guest speakers and alumni from the world of business, like Zach Bromert (BBA99) from Nike, or Tom Kloet (BA80), the CEO and president of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Take part in Tippie's award-winning undergraduate student organizations and more than 450 organizations throughout the University of Iowa.
  • Join Tippie volunteer and mentoring programs and make an impact on the community.
  • Enroll in a Leadership Seminar or become part of the Honors Program.
  • Gain access to one of the nation's best business libraries, the university's largest computer lab, top financial feeds, study and meeting spaces, and Pat's Diner.

Tippie Build

This year marks the seventh consecutive year students have volunteered with Tippie Build to construct a Habitat for Humanity home in Iowa City.