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The Impact Zone

Jenna Westerlund

As a high school junior Jenna Westerlund found inspiration to pursue a marketing career in an unlikely place--physics class. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Student Organizations

The Tippie College is home to more than 20 award-winning student organizations. Each offers unique experiences to complement your classroom learning. Whether you are interested in developing your entrepreneurial, marketing, or networking skills or want to volunteer your time through community service projects, you will find many opportunities to get involved.

Can’t find one you are interested in?

At Tippie, it’s easy to start one. To form a new group, download the
Request for Student Organization Recognition. Or you can explore more than 450 organizations that are open to you as a UI student.


“Getting involved in student organizations has exposed me to different career opportunities. I’m meeting people, getting more comfortable speaking in front of large groups and expressing my views in presentations, and I’m developing leadership skills to use on the job.”

— Patrick Fernandez, finance major