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Tippie Build 1
A Tradition Is Born

Tippie Build 1—A Tradition Is Born

After work, I often go to the lot our house will be built on before walking home.
We are so happy and so grateful.
—Ballah Sanoh, Tippie Build 1 Partner Family—

Tippie Build 1 The first Tippie Build home was built during the 2006-2007 academic year in southeast Iowa City for a Habitat for Humanity Partner Family.

Inspired by the generosity of those who support the Tippie College and its students, Tippie College students, faculty, and staff, undertook the biggest community service project in the history of the college: The House That Tippie Built.

Our goal in undertaking the Tippie Build project was to build community, connecting the Tippie College to its Iowa City community and connecting Tippie students to one another. Our build was done in conjunction with Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity, our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

During fall 2006 and spring 2007, students raised $50,000 to support the build and provided labor to build a house for an Iowa City family in need of safe and affordable housing. In May 2007, The House That Tippie Built was completed and dedicated. Ballah Sanoh and his family became the proud owners of the house.

In addition to building community in Iowa City and in the Tippie College, we were able to extend our Tippie community to Ghana. Our local Habitat affiliate, Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity, tithes 10% of their donations to Habitat for Humanity International. We chose to have our portion of the tithe go to Ghana, Africa, supporting the builds for two homes.

Thank you to everyone who helped us completed this project. Your support and encouragement helped us build not only homes in Iowa City and Ghana, Africa, but our Tippie community, too.

You can be part of making this dream come true for another family. Help us raise the funds we need to build our next house by making a donation. If you are a Tippie student who would like to work on the construction, sign up to build the house.

The first House That Tippie Built is located at 1910 H Street, Iowa City, IA (Directions).


Can you help us lay the financial foundation for the Tippie Build?

We rely on hundreds of helping hands to meet our $50,000 fundraising goal. A donation of just $20 buys nails for our walls, $100 paints a room.

Your donation helps make THIS happen.

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