Tippie College of Business
Tippie Build 4

Personal Service Days

Students in Beta Alpha Psi, the Tippie College honors organization for accounting majors, organizde and executed Personal Service Days to raise money for Tippie Build.

Beta Alpha Psi members grabbed rakes and volunteered in several Iowa City neighborhoods, raking leaves in exchange for donations to Tippie Build.

The Beta Alpha Psi Personal Service Days raised $2,260 for Tippie Build 4! Thank you, Iowa City homeowners, for supporting the Tippie Build!

In honor of the many hands-up we have received in our lives, Tippie Build partners with Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity to give a hand-up to a family in need of safe and affordable housing. We organize and execute many fundraisers to support this build. A list of those fundraisers is found here.

If you would like to plan a fundraising event or help organize one that is already planned, contact tippiebuild@uiowa.edu, or use the Volunteer Link at the top of the page to sign up in our volunteer database.


Can you help us lay the financial foundation for the Tippie Build?

We rely on hundreds of helping hands to meet our $50,000 fundraising goal. A donation of just $20 buys nails for our walls, $100 paints a room.

Your donation helps make THIS happen.

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