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Tippie Build

Be a Tippie Build Volunteer!

To succeed, we need volunteers to organize fundraisers and to swing hammers. If you are interested in helping us with either of these activities, please take a moment to add yourself to our database of Tippie community members who want to contribute to Tippie Build's success.

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Using the link above to sign up does not obligate you to participate. It just provides us information so that we can efficiently contact people who want to volunteer. After you enroll, we will send you email from TippieBuild@uiowa.edu with more information about Tippie Build.

To learn more about the Tippie Build project, follow the links on our main webpage. To learn what we do to actually build the house, take one of Habitat's online residential construction classes.

If you have questions about volunteering, contact the Tippie Build Steering Committee at tippiebuild@uiowa.edu.


Can you help us lay the financial foundation for the Tippie Build?

We rely on hundreds of helping hands to meet our $50,000 fundraising goal. A donation of just $20 buys nails for our walls, $100 paints a room.

Your donation helps make THIS happen.

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