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Young Alumni Board

Apply for the Young Alumni Board!

Tippie alumni who completed their undergraduate degrees between 2008 and 2013 are invited to apply for the college’s Young Alumni Board. All applicants must complete an online form and provide a resume and cover letter by March 31.

student news

computer code

“New” Major: MIS Changes to BAIS

Companies are striving to collect, organize, and analyze huge amounts of data. The college’s new business analytics and information systems major will graduate new employees who will be able to do just that.

M&M Commercial

Semi-Amorous M&M Is Super Bowl’s Best

Tippie MBA Marketing Academy students chose an M&M commercial where a red M&M would do anything for love as the best of all the Super Bowl XLVII commercials.

VITA volunteer and client

Students Again Provide Free Tax Prep Services

Tippie College students are providing free tax return preparation services to qualifying persons in Johnson County as part of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

faculty research

Alice Schoonbroodt

Tippie Faculty Research Runs Gamut

Six Tippie faculty members and their research are highlighted in this article that first appeared in Tippie Magazine, the college’s alumni magazine.

William Hedgcock

The Brains of Congress

Why can’t the members of Congress figure out how to deal with federal spending cuts? Research by William Hedgcock, assistant professor of marketing, indicates their behavior might not be so incomprehensible if you look at them as a bunch of people with bad teeth who need dental work.

Ning Li

Friendly, Not Always Helpful

A new study by Ning Li, assistant professor of management and organizations, suggests that businesses who hire extroverts may not be getting the gregarious, helpful team players they think they’re hiring.

Richard Mergenthaler

Accounting As Lawsuit Shield

Disgruntled shareholders are more likely to sue firms that use principles-based accounting standards instead of rules-based standards, according to a recent study by Richard Mergenthaler, assistant professor of accounting.

Michael Mount

Why Extroverts Fail, Introverts Flounder, and You Probably Succeed

(The Washington Post, January 28)

What kind of personality makes the best salesperson—and therefore, presumably, the most effective leader? Not necessarily the extrovert, says Mick Mount, Tippie Research Professor of Human Resource Management.

alumni news

Azeem Ahmed

Note on a Napkin: ’This Meal Is on Us’

Azeem Ahmed, EMBA10, medical director of UI AirCare program, and 13 others were on their way back from a memorial service for colleagues killed in a medical helicopter crash. They stopped for dinner and received a thanks and a “paying it forward” note from unknown diners at the restaurant.

Upcoming Events:

Sara Rynes-Weller

Feb. 24
3:30 p.m.
Levitt Center for University Advancement

UI Presidential Lecture

Sara Rynes-Weller, the John F. Murray Professor of Management and Organizations, is the first Tippie faculty member to deliver a UI Presidential Lecture. Her talk will be “Leading in the New Wave of Change.”

Job Fair

Feb. 27
11 a.m – 4 p.m.
Main Lounge

Spring Job & Internship Fair

UI students and alumni can connect with 130 employers offering full-time employment and internship opportunities.

Christopher Klitgaard

March 26
5-7 p.m.
2nd Floor Ballroom, IMU

MidWestOne Lecture: Christopher Klitgaard

Christopher Klitgaard, BBA96, MBA98, MHA99, has spent his career in the healthcare industry and is currently president of MediRevv.


March 28
3:30-5 p.m.
C425 Pomerantz Center

Women’s Salary Negotiation Roundtable

Tippie faculty Terry Boles and Amy Kristof-Brown will discuss how to effectively negotiate the monetary and non-monetary elements of a job offer. Sponsored by MBAWI.

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