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Internships are one of the most important things employers look
for—nothing demonstrates on-the-job experience like an internship.


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Resume Requirement

A resume is an important document and critical to your professional development.  They are used for a variety of activities - they might be required for scholarship applications, "Meet the Firms Night" type events, professional preparation seminars, professional development workshops, internships, and in working with your advisor on your roadmap (to identify areas where you need more professional development-skills, leadership, service, and involvement).

All students applying to the Tippie College of Business submit a resume.  You will upload your resume and essay during the application process (resume approval* through the hire-a-hawk system is NOT required prior to submitting your application to the college).

*You will be required to have your resume approved through the hire-a-hawk system administered through the Career Center, as part of the Admit One orientation program, which occurs during your first semester after admission to the college. 



For more information, please refer to the Standard Admission FAQ.