Undergraduate Business

Newly Admitted Student Requirement

Congratulations on your admission to the Henry B. Tippie College of Business from the staff of the Undergraduate Program Office!

Your admission to the Tippie College is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, so we've created a program to welcome you to the Tippie College and to support your success as a Tippie student.

Standard Admits

All students who are admitted to the Tippie College through standard admission must complete the Newly Admitted Student Requirement. This includes two events, uploading your resume to Hireahawk, and an evaluation.

You are invited to attend the Ignite Kick-off event held the first Friday of the semester. This will count as your first event.

New students will have an ICON course for this requirement where more information is located.

This requirement is:

  • Your opportunity to get acquainted with students, faculty, and staff and learn about the expectations for being a member of the Tippie College community.
  • A path to develop a greater understanding about your major and explore signature experiences that complement your major.
  • Your chance to tap into resources or opportunities that you didn’t know existed that might just make all the difference in your education.
  • Structured to be an individualized experience, to meet the needs of all students.

Student Feedback

  • 74% of students report being more engaged in the Tippie College
  • 82% of students recognize there are multiple ways to enhance their educational experience
  • "Tippie has so much to offer. There are many resources that I will take advantage of!"
    "I learned what is expected of each student and what it means to be a TCOB student"
    "That Tippie students and alumni are all part of a connected family"
    "I learned how important internships are and the basic steps to apply for an internship"


Direct Admits

Students admitted to the Tippie College as direct admits fulfill their requirement by participating in the Tippie College Direct Admit Seminar during the fall semester of their first year on campus.