Undergraduate Business

Adds and Drops

Contacts for Adding and Dropping Fall & Spring Courses

The last date for dropping courses is at the end of the tenth week of the semester, the end of the sixth week of the eight-week summer session, and the end of the fourth week of the six-week summer session. This coincides with the drop date used by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

After Deadline Dates

Students who need to add or drop courses after the deadline may do so only with the permission of an advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office and with the signature of the instructor. Approval to drop a course late is granted only with a written request and appropriate documentation. Students may obtain a petition to drop a course after the deadline in the Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB.

Adding or Dropping Off-Cycle Courses

Courses that do NOT meet for the full semester will follow the add, drop, drop without a "W," add or change P-F, P-N, S-U, or audit status and fees deadlines as follows:

  • Over three weeks in length: four days after the beginning date of the course.
  • Two or three weeks in length: on or prior to the beginning date of the course.
  • Less than two weeks in length: prior to the beginning date of the course.

Students may process changes in registration through MyUI anytime prior to the beginning date of the course. Beginning and ending dates are listed in the MyUI student portal. For more information on off-cycle deadlines, please refer to Course Deadlines for the University of Iowa.

Administrative Drops