Undergraduate Business

Early Registration

Early registration is the two-week period near the end of each semester when currently enrolled Iowa students have exclusive access to classes for the next semester. Students are assigned a date and time during the two-week period when they can register for the next semester. Earliest dates and times are assigned to seniors, followed by juniors, sophomores, and first-year students.

During early registration, all upper-level courses (except those in economics) are restricted for enrollment to those students who have declared a major in the department. This ensures access to major courses for students in that major.

The UPO staff is here to assist you with early registration:


  • Students must schedule an appointment with their advisor before they will be permitted to register.
  • A printed degree audit from the MyUI student portal and completed registration form are required for this appointment.
  • Students who meet admission requirements and have applied to the college may be given permission to register for two major courses while the application is pending. More can be added after you are admitted to the college.

Direct Admits and Standard Admits

Business Students with a Declared Major

  • You will automatically be authorized to register on your assigned date. You are not required to meet with your advisor prior to registration.
  • You are encouraged to see your advisor if you need assistance or would like to do additional planning prior to registration. Schedule an appointment and bring a degree audit from the MyUI student portal with you.