Undergraduate Business

Student Records Policy

A copy of the final course grade and grades on all components that went into calculating that grade should be kept with the department for two years. The file should be detailed enough to allow for a check for clerical errors by comparing the student’s graded work with the department record. This is especially important for courses in which the instructor will be on leave or will have left the University of Iowa by the following semester.

Term papers, assignments, and projects are generally considered to be the property of the student who prepared them. Students should be told in advance if the instructor plans to keep copies of student work. Similarly, if the course work is done in conjunction with a consulting project that will be the property of a client, students should be informed at the start of the class that their work will not belong to them but will instead become the property of the client. Examinations (questions and answers) are the property of the instructor.

Ideally, graded assignments, papers, and examinations should be returned to students before the end of the semester. Final examinations, final papers, and capstone projects that are graded after the end of the semester should be kept at least until the end of the subsequent semester so that students can refer to them or retrieve them. Materials from a spring semester should be kept at least until the end of the next fall semester, and fall semester materials should be kept until the end of the next spring semester. Materials from a summer session should be kept at least until the end of the following fall semester, and materials from the winter term should be kept until at least the end of the following spring semester.

Student materials should not be left in boxes outside of office doors for students to pick up. All student documents should only be available to the students to whom they belong.