Undergraduate Business

Second-Grade-Only Option Request Form


Students admitted to the Henry B. Tippie College of Business may use the second-grade-only option on any course except business courses offered by departments in the following categories:

  • New course numbers - courses numbered over 3005 in: ACCT, BUS, ECON, FIN, MSCI, MGMT, MKTG, and ENTR.
  • Old course numbers - courses numbering over 105 in: 06A, 06B, 06E, 06F, 06K, 06J, 06M, and 06T.

Before completing this form, students should discuss using the second-grade-only option with their advisor and confirm they are eligible to use a second-grade-only option by reviewing the college's policies.

Requests to file a second-grade-only option cannot be processed unless the session in which the course is being repeated has begun.

Prebusiness students

All prebusiness students, even those advised through the Undergraduate Program Office, must follow the rules established by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. See the CLAS Student Academic Handbook or visit the college's website at www.clas.uiowa.edu for more information.

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