Undergraduate Business

Second-Grade-Only Option

Prebusiness (006) students must follow the rules established by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). See the CLAS Student Academic Handbook or visit the college's website at www.clas.uiowa.edu for more information.

Students admitted to the Henry B. Tippie college of Business may use the second-grade-only option on any course except business courses offered by departments in the following categories:

  • New course numbers - courses numbered over 3005 in: ACCT, BUS, ECON, FIN, MSCI, MGMT, MKTG, and ENTR.
  • Old course numbers - courses numbering over 105 in: 06A, 06B, 06E, 06F, 06K, 06J, 06M, and 06T.

Policies for TCOB Students

  • Students may apply the option to a maximum of three different courses while enrolled at the University of Iowa; any second-grade-only options used before entering the TCOB will count toward the maximum of three second-grade-only options allowed.
  • Students in joint degree programs are allowed a combined maximum of three second-grade-only options.
  • The option may be used only once per course. Once placed on the record, the option may not be retracted.
  • A course taken at another college or university may not be repeated at the University of Iowa under the second-grade-only option.
  • A UI course may not be repeated at another institution under the UI second-grade-only option.
  • If the course was taken for a grade the first time, it must be taken for a grade the second time.
  • If the course was taken pass/nonpass the first time, the student may choose to take the course for a grade the second time or as pass/nonpass.
  • Any UI course taken in any mode of delivery—during a regular semester, a summer session, an intensive session, or through distance learning and the Division of Continuing Education—may be repeated in the same mode of delivery or in any other mode of delivery.
  • The second-grade-only option may not be used by a student who has been awarded a degree from the University of Iowa on a course taken before the degree was awarded.
  • Graduate or professional colleges might recalculate grade-point averages using all grades visible on the permanent record.

Procedures for TCOB Students

  • Students must register, as usual, for the course that is to be repeated.
  • After the session in which the course is being repeated has begun, students must request the second-grade-only option by completing this form.
  • The Office of the Registrar marks the permanent record with a pound symbol (#) to show that the first grade has been replaced by the second grade in the GPA calculations and to show that only the hours from the second registration have been counted as hours earned.