Undergraduate Business

Tuition Supplement FAQ

What is the supplement used for?

The tuition supplement will allow the Tippie College of Business (TCOB) to offer and continue to support additional sections of high-demand courses, study abroad opportunities, advising resources in the Undergraduate Program Office, and the TCOB Honors Program. The additional resources generated by the expanded tuition supplement will be used to: (1) hire tenure-track faculty who will teach undergraduate students; (2) provide new programming and academic advising support for TCOB undergraduate students, including our direct admit students and our international students; (3) support globally focused programs to improve cultural competency of TCOB students and raise awareness of international business career opportunities; and (4) provide the resources to improve the presentation skills of TCOB undergraduates through increased programming, workshops and staff support in the Judith R. Frank Business Communication Center.

Who pays the tuition supplement? The tuition supplement is paid by all students who have been admitted to the TCOB. The amount of tuition supplement the student will pay depends on the number of his or her total hours of credit. The “total hours of credit” includes those hours earned at the University of Iowa and other hours of transfer and exam credit accepted by the university.
What if I’m enrolled part time? The supplement is prorated.

What is the TCOB doing to help
students with the cost of their education?

TCOB students can apply for financial aid through the university's Office of Student Financial Aid. Students admitted to the TCOB can also apply for TCOB scholarships.
I’m admitted to the college, but
I am not taking any business
courses this semester. Do I have
to pay the supplement?
Yes, you will pay the tuition supplement.
Is the tuition supplement charged
for the summer or intersession
class sessions?
Yes, the supplement is charged for the summer and intersession, but it is prorated based on the total hours of credit the student took during the summer/intersession.
Whom can I contact if I have any
questions about the tuition supplement?

If you have any questions about the TCOB tuition supplement, contact Ken Brown, Associate Dean for the TCOB Undergraduate Program.