Undergraduate Business

Tuition Supplement

Students who have been admitted to the Tippie College of Business (TCOB) pay a different tuition rate, which includes a tuition supplement. The Board of Regents for the State of Iowa first approved the TCOB tuition supplement in 2008. The initial tuition supplement went to hire faculty in high-demand areas like finance and accounting, support the start-up of the Marketing Institute, hire additional academic advisors in the Undergraduate Program Office, support the TCOB Honors Program, and expand study abroad options for TCOB students.

Like an effective business, the TCOB must continually evaluate the education and services it provides to TCOB undergraduates. There is an increased demand by students for the BBA degree. Companies that hire TCOB graduates emphasize the importance of presentation skills in business. The increasingly global nature of today's workplace requires that TCOB students understand how to operate in a cross-cultural workplace.

An expanded tuition supplement proposal was approved by the Board of Regents in December 2011. Starting with the fall 2012 semester, TCOB students who have 0 to 59 total hours of credit pay a $1,000 tuition supplement for the academic year—$500 for the fall semester and $500 for the spring semester. The tuition supplement for TCOB students who have 60 or more total hours of credit increased as of the fall 2012 semester by an additional $500 ($250 for the fall semester and $250 for the spring semester), going from $1,500 to $2,000 for the academic year.

The amount of the tuition supplement is adjusted by the same annual percentage increase as the University's base tuition.

The additional resources generated by the expanded tuition supplement are used to (1) hire tenure-track faculty to teach undergraduate students; (2) provide new programming and academic advising support for TCOB undergraduate students, including our direct admit students and our international students; (3) support globally focused programs to improve the cultural competency of TCOB students and raise awareness of international business career opportunities; and (4) provide the resources to improve the presentation skills of TCOB undergraduates through increased programming, workshops, and staff support in the Judith R. Frank Business Communication Center.

The revised tuition supplement helps to maintain and improve the overall quality and reputation of the TCOB Undergraduate Program.

Please consult our tuition supplement FAQ for answers to some common questions.