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Undergraduate Program Office
University of Iowa
Henry B. Tippie College of Business
108 John Pappajohn Business Building, Suite C140
Iowa City, IA 52242-1994
Phone: 319-335-1037
Fax: 319-335-3692
Email: business-undergrad@uiowa.edu

Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown
Associate Dean

  • Tippie Senate, Chair
  • Undergraduate Program Committee, Chair
  • Undergraduate Assurance of Learning, Chair
Susan Felker

Susan Felker
Assistant Dean & Director

  • Recruiting and Admissions
  • Enrollment Management
  • Course Scheduling
  • Curriculum coordination
  • Administrative reporting
Shari Piekarski

Shari Piekarski
Assistant Dean & Director

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Student services in the Undergraduate Program
  • Tippie College International Programs
  • Probation and dismissal

Pamela Bourjaily

Pamela Bourjaily
Director, Judith R. Frank Bus Comm Ctr

  • Business Communication and Protocol,
    BUS:3000, and business communications electives
  • Department of Accounting writing program
  • Prappas Ethics Essay contest
  • Commencement speaker
  • Benchmarking and writing assessments
  • Certificate of Writing liaison
Ryan Sheets

Ryan Sheets
Assistant Director, Judith R. Frank Bus Comm Ctr

  • Frank Center operations and promotion
  • Tutor training and mentoring
  • Social media and website
  • English Language Discussion Circles
  • Presentation workshops

Melissa BakerMelissa Baker
Associate Director, Tippie Experience

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Undergraduate Judicial Board
  • Admissions Team
  • Peer mentor program
  • Commencement co-coordinator

Rachael KowbelRachael Kowbel
Associate Director, Student Recruiting

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Prospective Student Visit Days
  • Admission publications
  • Recruiting outreach
  • Business Student Ambassador supervisor
  • Scholarship coordination
Vicki VavraVicki Vavra
Associate Director, Advising & Registration
  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Community college liaison
  • Transfer course evaluations
  • Schedule coordination for UPO advisors
  • Risk Management and Insurance liaison
  • Commencement, co-coordinator

Mark ArchibaldMark Archibald
Assistant Director, First Year Experience

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Coordination of Direct Admit Seminar Course
  • BizHawks Living-Learning Community
  • First-Year Experience programming
  • ADMIT ONE (spring semester)

Maureen BeranMaureen Beran
Assistant Director, Student Professional Development

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Tippie Roadmap program management
  • Student organizations
  • Tippie Fest and Business Week

Jennifer BlairJennifer Blair
Assistant Director, Global Community Engagement

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Tippie Global Engagement Student Advisory Board
  • Cultural competency and global awareness programs
  • Representative to International Student Committee
  • International course evaluation coordinator
Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards
Assistant Director, Global Perspectives

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Study abroad course evaluation
  • International Business Certificate coordinator
  • TCOB World Language Policies
  • ADMIT ONE (fall semesters)

Stephanie GrebeStephanie Grebe
Assistant Director, Global Internships

  • Advising business students
  • Program management for Global Internships in London, Hong Kong, Madrid, and Paris
  • Instructor for spring and summer Global Internship academics
  • Supervise Global Intern Student Ambassadors

Brooke PaulsenBrooke Paulsen
Assistant Director, Student Transition Success

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Transition programming: first-year and prebusiness students
  • The Iowa Edge
  • Admissions Team
  • Center for Diversity & Enrichment Liaison

Colleen OpalColleen Opal
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning

  • Advising prebusiness and business students
  • Experiential learning coordinator
  • Community-based course designations
  • Tippie non-credit internship courses
  • Experiential Learning committee chair

Mike SchluckebierMike Schluckebier
Assistant Director, Student Leadership Development

  • Student organizations
  • Roadmap Rally committee co-chair
  • Student Leadership Awards Reception
  • Student conference participation
  • Beta Gamma Sigma and Honors

Deone PedersenDeone Pedersen

  • UPO reception area coordination
  • Undergraduate Update (weekly news digest)

Shari TolanderShari Tolander
Assistant to Associate Dean

  • Budget
  • Scholarships
  • Web updates
  • Human resources