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How to apply to the undergraduate, M.Ac., or Ph.D. program in accounting.


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Jordan Brauns

Jordan Brauns was raised as a farm boy in Muscatine, Iowa. After graduating from Muscatine High School in 2007, Brauns wasn't sure what he wanted to do and while he had given some thought to going to college, a long list of excuses held him back from enrolling. It wasn't until a volunteer experience in Haiti changed his life and Brauns realized he was the only excuse standing in his own way. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Current Undergraduates


Though critically important, classroom instruction is only one part of your undergraduate education. You may enhance your undergraduate education by completing a minor or certificate program, awarding a scholarship, studying in a foreign country, joining a student organization, attending a leadership conference, or volunteering in the Iowa City community. Specific examples include: