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Double Majors—Policies & Procedures

Application to the college: When applying to the college, students may select only one major, but they may add additional majors the first day of classes of the session in which they were admitted to the college (or any time after).

Declaration of double majors: Students may officially declare a maximum of four majors (a program may be a major, certificate, or a minor). Additional majors must be declared in the Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB, by an advisor.

Financial aid considerations: Effective fall 2012, students with declared double majors will cease to qualify for federal financial aid once enough hours have been earned to complete one degree. Students receiving financial aid should check with the Office of Student Financial Aid to make sure that their financial aid will cover multiple majors. This generally means arranging their course sequence so that they complete the requirements for all majors at the same time (not taking all the courses for one major first). Additional information can be found at www.uiowa.edu/financial-aid.

Advising: A degree evaluation will be available for both majors once they are officially declared. Students will be held to specific major requirements at the time that they declare a major(s), not the requirements of the major when they were admitted to the college.

Registration: Students who have declared multiple majors will have access to those courses during early registration.

During early registration, students can register for courses in no more than two majors. (e.g., a student that is declared marketing and management and has registered for major courses in both of those departments may not change their major during early registration to gain access to another set of major courses).

In the semester prior to admission to the college, prebusiness students who meet the admission guarantee may be given special permission to register for major courses during early registration as follows: Accounting majors: 6A:150/ACCT:3100, 6A:131/ACCT:3200; 6A:133/ACCT:3400; Finance majors: 6F:110/FIN:3100 and two other Finance classes; Marketing majors: 6M:102/MKTG:3600 and two other 6M classes: Management Information System majors: two major courses; Management majors: two major courses. In some cases, with advisor approval, students may be granted special permission to register for a combination of courses from different departments.

Major courses will continue to be restricted to department majors during early registration, but changed after early registration, so that they are restricted to any undergraduate student admitted to the Tippie College (exception: accounting which permanently retains their restriction to department major codes).

Probation: There are six GPAs that are monitored for probation; a GPA below 2.00 in any of those areas in either major will result in a student being placed on probation. A student must be in good academic standing to declare an additional major.

Graduation: Students must apply for graduation, (for all declared majors, minors, and certificates) in MyUI. The majors will be printed on the diploma in the order they are declared on the system (the primary major will be listed first and additional majors, up to two, will be listed after). If the student changes the order after they apply, they will need to contact the Office of the Registrar to let them know.