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Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Advice and tips for parents during the first year of college.

A Message to Parents of First-Year Students

Ken Brown

Professor Ken Brown
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
Henry B. Tippie
College of Business

The Henry B. Tippie College of Business is a Big Ten business school with the feel of a small college. First-year students become a member of the Tippie community the minute they walk into the Pappajohn Business Building.

The accomplishments of our first-year students are the result of great support they receive at home. You should be very proud of your first-year student. He or she will have the chance to be successful due to the many resources and opportunities offered by the college. I am glad your first-year student decided to study business at Tippie.

Our faculty, students, and staff work hard to build the sense of community that the Tippie College of Business is known for. Tippie students lead, get involved, do things the right way, and help other people. As a Tippie alum myself, I am excited to think about the college's future. This is the right place for your first-year student. Thanks for the support you give your first-year student and the Tippie College of Business.

Ten ways to support your student

  1. Send care packages, letters, or newspaper clippings from the hometown paper. Everyone loves “real” mail.
  2. Visit your student on campus. Go out to dinner or do a little shopping. Invite your student’s friends or roommate to join you.
  3. Provide your student with at least one business professional outfit and one business casual outfit. There may be college events when this dress is required. For more information about business dress, visit:
  4. Encourage your student to get involved in at least one university activity during his or her first semester. It will help them feel more engaged and help them meet people.
  5. Remind your first-year student that it’s ok not to have all the answers all the time, and there are plenty of resources to help.
  6. Create a scrapbook of emails and notes to home and give it to your student at the end of the first year at Iowa as a reminder of his or her accomplishments.
  7. Remind your student that whatever the concern or problem, there’s someone at Iowa who can help. Encourage your first-year student to seek out those people (for example, their academic advisor).
  8. Remember that a student's calendar may sometimes feel a bit erratic; don't expect your student to keep the same hours as at home.
  9. Read online university and student publications and the Tippie College of Business news online to keep up with events and resources available.
  10. Help your student process the semester and experience. Ask open-ended questions about favorite classes, campus involvement, plans for the spring semester. Ask your student his or her opinion on campus social experiences, study habits, alcohol, safety, money management, and other topics that are important in the lives of students. This will keep you connected with life at the university and will also let your first-year student know you care.
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