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Resources for Parents

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Welcome Message to Parents of Tippie First-Year Students

The Henry B. Tippie College of Business is a Big Ten business school with the feel of a small college. First-year students become a member of the Tippie community the minute they walk into the Pappajohn Business Building.

The accomplishments of our first-year students are the result of great support they receive at home. You should be very proud of your first-year student. He or she will have the chance to be successful due to the many resources and opportunities offered by the college. I am glad your first-year student decided to study business at Tippie.

Our faculty, students, and staff work hard to build the sense of community that the Tippie College of Business is known for. Tippie students lead, get involved, do things the right way, and help other people. As a Tippie alum myself, I am excited to think about the college's future. This is the right place for your first-year student. Thanks for the support you give your first-year student and the Tippie College of Business.