Undergraduate Judicial Board

Tippie Judicial Board

Tippie's Judicial Board is a student-led organization that supports the college's Honor Code and represents our students. Interested in becoming a member? Applications are accepted every fall.

About the Honor Code

Developed by students, Tippie's Honor Code provides an ethical guide that emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity in your academic and preprofessional lives.

Here's what happens if academic misconduct occurs:

Initial Reporting

Cases of academic misconduct are reported to the senior associate dean. If charged, the student will receive an email from the course instructor and associate dean of the Undergraduate Program.

Appealing a Charge

Students can appeal a charge of academic misconduct within 10 days of receiving the email notification alleging an incident.

Judicial Procedures

Appeals are handled by the Judicial Board. If you've been charged, consult the Judicial Board's procedures to learn how the appeal process works and what options are available. For assistance, contact the Undergraduate Program Office by email or at 319-335-1037.

Courtney BrokloffCourtney Brokloff, BBA15

"It was a privilege and an honor to be a member of the Tippie College of Business Judicial Board. The process of ascertaining the relevant facts of each case, weighing all sides, and understanding the gravity of our decisions has helped prepare me in my pursuit of a career in law."

Ryan SmahaRyan Smaha, BBA15

"My experience on the Judicial Board prepared me for my career more than I could even imagine. From little things (like sending a professional email or giving a presentation) to big things (like asking the right questions to find the information I needed), I was able to make the transition from undergraduate to full-time employee at a Fortune 50 company and produce real results right away."

Jeralyn WestercampJeralyn Westercamp, BBA14

"My Judicial Board experience was particularly meaningful due to the interactions that I was able to build with Tippie faculty and fellow students. I was able to work with talented students on investigations and panels and fostered relationships with dedicated faculty members."