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Students enrolled in courses offered by the Tippie College of Business are governed by the Tippie College Honor Code. Students charged with violating the Honor Code may appeal to the Judicial Board.

Honor Code Violations


Incidents of academic misconduct are reported to the senior associate dean. Students are informed that they have been charged with academic misconduct by the instructor of the course and through an email from the associate dean of the Undergraduate Program; this email will be sent to the student's University of Iowa email addresses.


Students may appeal a charge of academic misconduct. The appeal should be submitted to the associate dean of the Undergraduate Program within 10 days of receiving the email notification alleging an incident of academic misconduct.

Judicial Procedures

Academic misconduct appeals are handled by the Tippie College Judicial Board. Students charged with academic misconduct should consult the Judicial Board's procedures to learn how the appeal process works and what options are available to them. For assistance, contact the Undergraduate Program Office by email or at 319-335-1037.

Tippie College Judicial Board Appointments

Applications for the Judicial Board are accepted each fall. Questions about the Tippie College Judicial Board should be directed to the Undergraduate Program Office.

Graduate and professional students, please contact the appropriate office for more information regarding the Honor Code or the judicial procedures for your academic program.

  • Master of Accountancy, 319-335-0862
  • Master of Business Administration, 319-335-1039
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 319-335-0830