Internship & Immersion Programs
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Domestic Internships

Experience living and working in New York and Los Angeles.

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International Internships

Experience living and working in Hong Kong, Paris, London, or Madrid.

Internship & Immersion Programs

The Tippie College of Business offers unique cultural and professional immersion experiences in six cities across the globe. English-speaking programs are available in New York, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, while programs requiring minimum language proficiency are offered in Paris and Madrid. These opportunities are open to all qualified University of Iowa students and award students up to 6 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit.

These global internships are approximately 8-weeks long during the summer. Students are placed in a guaranteed unpaid internship by one of our Global Intern partners. Dream Careers operates our two English language programs, while EUSA is our partner in Paris and Madrid. In addition to intern placement, our partners provide on-site support and safety.

Value of an Internship

Don't miss out on your chance to launch your career this summer with an internship from our Tippie Internship and Immersion Programs. We guarantee your placement in professional internship. Plus, our complete Internship Programs take care of all of the details you require to make the most of your summer experience. And, you will receive college credit for your participation.

Secure a Better Job

Even in today's technology-driven job search world, it still matters who you know. A Dream Careers internship will help you create strategic relationships with professionals in your industry. And, you become part of a network of ambitious Dream Careers alumni from around the globe.

Gain a Competitive Edge

A Dream Careers internship provides tangible and valuable work experience in your field. It's the key difference you need to outshine other college grads when competing for your first job.

Boost your Confidence

Prove your capabilities, to yourself and others, by spending the summer living and working in a major city. The result? You gain confidence and learn insights about yourself that will steer your plans after graduation.

Invest in Yourself

You have invested in your education. Now invest in yourself. Give yourself an opportunity to achieve your dream career.