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Skills Inventory

Below are sample skill inventories we've developed to get you started. Research was conducted from career websites, informational interviews, and expertise from the Pomerantz Career Center to identify necessary skill sets for career clusters. Keep in mind that the list of skills in the inventories is not exhaustive. It is important that you conduct your own research to identify even more necessary career-specific skills. Information on necessary skills can be gained from informational interviews with professionals, job shadowing, career websites, and speaking with professors, supervisors, family, and friends.

Business Analyst
IT Manager
Public Accounting
Market Research
Corporate Finance
Fundraising/Event Planning
Human Resources
Commercial Banking

Create Your Own Skills Inventory

Use the Excel spreadsheet below to record necessary skills and opportunities where you can or did develop those skills. Evaluate your own skill development and work to strengthen them in your remaining time in the Tippie College of Business.

Building your own skills inventory will allow you to identify any gaps in your skills as well as help you prepare for interviews, resume writing, and cover letters. In addition, the skills inventory will help you articulate your skills.