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A skill is an ability that has been acquired by training. There are two types of skills: general and career-specific skills. General skills are the skills that most employers expect that you have gained.

General Skills

(provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers)

Communication skills Teamwork
Interpersonal skills Analytical skills
Computer skills Strong work ethic
Initiative Problem-solving skills
Flexibility/Adaptability Technical skills

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Career-Specific Skills

Career-specific skills are directly related to your chosen career. Examples are:


Public Accounting

  • Understand financial statements
  • Systems evaluation

Corporate Finance

  • Financial Software - Bloomberg, Crystal Ball, etc.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations

Marketing Research

  • Designing surveys
  • Social perceptiveness

Business Analytics and Information Systems

  • Explaining complex materials to others
  • Resource allocation

A strongly developed skill means near-perfect execution every time. To develop a skill to this level means you must continually practice using the skill in multiple situations. If you learned the skill in class, find a way to practice the skill in a student organization, internship, or other experience.