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International Buddies at Tippie

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2016! The deadline to apply is Friday, September 2.

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Experience a new culture in your own college, while sharing your culture with someone new! International Buddies at Tippie pairs international and American business and pre-business undergraduate students for a semester-long partnership.

Features of the program include:

  • Pairing based on your major, interests, and personality type
  • Regular meetings (every other week preferred) with your buddy for meals, coffee, studying, movies, etc.
  • Great downtown discounts for buddies at restaurants and coffee shops (such as 2-for-1 coffee drinks at the Java House)
  • A welcome reception for all buddies at the beginning of the semester, and an international potluck meal for all buddies at the end of the semester
  • Optional buddy social events throughout the semester, such as pizza at the Airliner, a group golf lesson, a trip to a local farm, and pumpkin carving
  • A free buddy T-shirt
  • Great prizes for buddies who meet the most
  • Ongoing support and meeting ideas from the Undergraduate Program Office

Applicants must be current University of Iowa undergraduate students in good academic standing who are admitted to the Tippie College of Business, declared as pre-business majors, or are pursuing a Certificate in the College of Business.

Here's what some of our buddies from last semester said:

Tippie Buddies
  • "The buddy program has been one of my favorite experiences at Tippie. The impact that we had on each other was such a rewarding feeling. Through studying, gift exchanging, and cooking together, I believe I was able to broaden my cultural experience at the Tippie College of Business not available through the classroom. I cannot wait to continue this program! With such an open structure to the program, the opportunities to learn and meet new friends is limitless. I would highly recommend this program to EVERYONE." — Meagan

  • "This program really breaks the barriers that are often formed between the international students and the local ones, which is something that needs to happen much more often on this campus. I feel that this program really brings different cultures closer together in the most fun way possible. I never felt awkward during the buddy events because we all knew that we were doing something a little different than what we were used to and because of that I felt like I really learned what it's like to understand someone from another country. " — Anonymous

  • "I don't know how did you guys paired us up! But we have a lot in common and we became best friends ever since!" — Nadzreen & Morgan
  • "It is the best program I have ever joined and I make a real friend through this program. It's awesome!" — Tailai Zhang

International Buddies at Tippie is organized by the Global Engagement Student Advisory Board.