Undergraduate Business Student Life

Diversity and Cultural Competency

Three Tippie studentsThe Undergraduate Program in the Tippie College of Business fosters a welcoming environment for all students, creates programming to develop cultural competencies for success in diverse settings, and works to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates for underrepresented students in all categories.

Students interested in business and diversity issues, regardless of race or ethnicity, are encouraged to participate in a variety of events and organizations.

The Iowa Edge

The Iowa Edge is a program for select African American, American Indian, Latino/a, and first-generation college students. It serves as a personalized introduction to campus, designed to introduce students to the college experience, build skills, and assist students in networking to get to know the campus and other students.

Multicultural Business Student Association

The MBSA is a Tippie student organization committed to the importance of cultural awareness and competencies as well as fostering leadership and professional development. Students lead committees in projects that span a variety of areas and also bring in guest speakers.

Greater China Business Association

The GCBA is a Tippie student organization that fosters connections between international students from China and domestic students. The group provides advantages to those looking for jobs and internships by using existing contacts. Group leaders bring in speakers and develop networks with UI alumni in China. The GCBA also tries to educate students about Chinese culture—ranging from traditional customs to business etiquette. The organization also coordinates professional development business trips to Chicago and Des Moines.

For more information, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office, 319-335-1037.