Undergraduate Business Student Life

Academic Internships

Academic internship courses were created for each department to provide an avenue for students to receive academic credit for a supervised internship. Each department has a corresponding academic internship course number (6A:199, 6B:199, 6E:199, 6F:199, 6J:199, 6K:199, 6M:199, and 6T:199). All academic internships must be approved and supervised by a faculty member.

For detailed information on academic internships, please see one of the following links:

Transcript Notation or 0-Credit Hour Internships

Transcript Notation or 0-credit hour internships are administered through the Pomerantz Career Center. This option allows a wide range of activities (part-time job, volunteering, internships, etc.) at for-profit, nonprofit, and not-for-profit organizations to be considered an internship, not just those advertised as an "internship." The Pomerantz Career Center has identified requirements of the experience and those can be found on the Pomerantz Career Center's webpage: www.careers.uiowa.edu/students/internships.html#requirements. Students secure the internship on their own through HireaHawk.com or by other means. Deadlines apply in order to register for transcript notation and are found on the Pomerantz Career Center website.