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BizHawks Living-Learning Community

What Is the BizHawks Living-Learning Community?

The BizHawks Living-Learning Community is a unique living/learning opportunity for business and prebusiness interested students.

Required course

Members will enroll in a course cluster, which will include two General Education courses. To complete the course cluster, members will also enroll in a mathematics course, as part of their individual business curriculum requirements.

Multiple course clusters will be available. An example of one possible cluster is below:

SOC:1010 Introduction to Sociology
COMM:1174 Media and Society

Courses for Fall 2014 may include:

Understanding American Cultures
Elementary Psychology
Contemporary Environmental Issues
Sex & Pop Culture in the Postwar US
Principles of Social Psychology
Living Religions of the East
Chemistry in Industry and the Economy
Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems
Social Media Today

At Orientation, BizHawks will meet with an academic advisor who will help you select a cluster and build the rest of your schedule.

Benefits include:

  • Make friends with fellow business majors
  • Take common courses
  • Presentations from corporate leaders and successful entrepreneurs
  • Social activities, including movie nights, bowling, and picnics

Why Is Living in the BizHawks Living-Learning Community Unique?

Members of this community form a close bond as they live together and share common interests in leadership. Programs and activities are geared toward these areas. Students have the opportunity to focus on their area of interest, form informal study groups, and make relationships that will last a lifetime.

Read more about the university's commitment to student success and the UI living-learning communities.

How Do I Apply?

We are looking for business and prebusiness students who would like to develop their leadership skills and be active, involved participants in the community. Interested applicants must request the BizHawks LLC option on the UI housing application. This community is assigned with priority given to direct admits and prebusiness students on a first-come, first-served basis.

For More Information

Contact University Housing & Dining Residence Education at 319-335-3700 or res-education@uiowa.edu.

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