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In this issue Flood 2008: The Education of a Lifetime

By Misti Huedepohl

Steven BentonThe flood of 2008 left devastation in its wake, seriously impacting communities across Iowa, including the University of Iowa campus. That summer, finance student, Steven Benton began working as a student employee in the University of Iowa Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention. Steven found himself in a particularly hot seat as the UI Risk Management office directly dealt with flood-related issues, and he discovered he was in a great position to learn from this tragedy.

A Career in Risk Management and Insurance

Check out this video to learn how to get started in a rewarding career in risk management and insurance.

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Partnerships Don't Just Happen

By Larry Hershberger, Director

Larry Hershberger

In our spring 2008 newsletter, I mentioned the vital role partnerships with the RMI industry play in the ongoing success of the Vaughan Institute, citing several partners who recently committed financial support to the Institute. These partnerships don’t just happen but evolve over time, taking into account ways in which the potential partner and the Institute work together to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Read more...

On a History-Making Day, Experts Share Insights with Vaughan Institute Students

By Viana Rockel, Associate Director

While Congress was approving an historic financial rescue package for the fragile U.S. and global economies, Vaughan students heard the news of the day from those on the inside at the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa, the Iowa Bankers Association, and the Iowa Insurance Division. Read more...

Ensuring a Secure Future

By Leah Klevar

The Millhiser Smith Agency, Inc., of Cedar Rapids is in the business of ensuring a secure future for its customers—and now it has done the same for students and faculty at the University of Iowa Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance. Thanks to a generous $50,000 pledge from the Millhiser Smith Foundation, the insurance agency’s philanthropic arm, the Vaughan Institute will benefit from the power of unrestricted, ongoing support for its people and programs. Read more...

Vaughan Institute Helps Provide Finance Education Program

by John Spitzer, Clinical Professor of Finance

When AEGON called for help, the Vaughan Institute readily responded. Today, AEGON’s Information Technology Department staff have the financial knowledge to support their work in institutional investing. Read more...

Dr. Ty Leverty: Tort reform sometimes lowers insurance premiums

by UI News Services

Ty Leverty Ty Leverty, TRISTAR Risk Management Fellow and assistant professor of finance in the Tippie College of Business, has found that tort reform laws do lower insurance premiums and save consumers money, though it depends on where the consumer lives. Leverty recently studied how insurance companies respond to tort reform laws passed by state legislatures, which are designed to limit financial awards that can be paid to plaintiffs in liability lawsuits. Read more...

Assistant Professor Pursues His Economic Interests

by Misti Huedepohl

As he enters his fourth year with the Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI), Assistant Professor J. Tyler Leverty continues to feed his interest in discovering and sharing new information about the insurance industry. “Many students have no notion what the industry is really like,” Ty says. “The challenge is to show them the insurance world, flip them 180 degrees in their thinking, and make them excited.” Read more...

Tomorrow's Leaders

by Misti Huedepohl

Meet two students destined to be future industry leaders: Shannon Walsh, who will graduate in the spring of 2009, and Erin Morris, who is set to graduate December 2008. Both are finance majors and members of the Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance. They have gained valuable real world experience through internship opportunities and because of that knowledge and industry exposure, they are better prepared to carve their career paths following graduation. Read more...

Just the Facts

Certificate Enrollment Spring 2008
51 Enrolled to complete the 24-credit hour curriculum
  • 3.26 Average GPA
  • 38 from Iowa
Course Enrollments Fall 2008
153 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance
28 Corporate Financial Risk Management
40 Life and Health Insurance
  Courses offered spring 2008:
  Employee Benefit Plans
  Property and Liability Insurance
6 Prior to Academic Year 2007-08
22 Academic Year 2007-08
30-35 Expected Academic Year 2008-09