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Ty Leverty: Representing theInstitute Around the Globe

By Ruth Paarmann

Where in the world is Ty Leverty? Over the past year, the UI Vaughan Institute’s assistant professor has presented in Massachusetts, Switzerland, Florida, and Montreal, and his research has garnered attention from leading organizations and insurance industry journals. He fits it all into his regular schedule of teaching Principles of Risk Management Insurance and Corporate and Financial Risk Management.

Ty kicked off a busy academic year starting in the Tippie College of Business. In the fall, he presented a health insurance reform topic to Beta Alpha Psi, the undergraduate accounting fraternity. This spring, he discussed risk management with MBA students in the UI’s finance career academy. The following week, Ty flew from Iowa City to Zurich to Tallahassee.

Ty was invited to present at the Risk and Insurance Economics workshop at ETH Zurich, a Swiss university often described as the MIT of Europe. He presented “The Value of Investing in Enterprise Risk Management” to professors at ETH Zurich and University of Zurich. The presentation was based on a joint paper that examines whether this integrated approach is worthwhile and how it can be implemented by a business.  He shared the stage with presenters from France, Germany, and Switzerland.

“A lot of people are interested in integrated risk management,” says Ty. “Typically, risks like fire, liability and exchange rate risk are analyzed separately. The idea of integrated risk management is to look at these risks holistically and measure the net impact of them.”

Ty’s next stop was Tallahassee, Fla., where he was invited to be a guest speaker by Florida State University’s Center for Insurance Research. He met with faculty there and presented, “The Cost of Duplicative Regulation: Evidence from Risk Retention Groups.” The paper examines the costs involved with state insurance regulation. It is forthcoming in the Journal of Risk and Insurance.

“When insurance companies operate across the U.S., they have to deal with 50 different regulators—one in each state,” Ty explains. “So if you do business in Iowa and Illinois, the company has to comply with two regulators. In contrast, in the European Union, companies can operate in multiple countries and only need to comply with one regulator.”

The following day, Ty taught their Risk Management and Insurance Ph.D. student seminar.

Research and Involvements

In May 2010, Ty presented to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Insurance Project Workshop. Located in Cambridge, Mass., the NBER is the largest economics research organization in the United States. It provides the start and end dates for recessions in the United States.

“My presentation was about tort reform and how it affects the insurance market,” Ty says.

In November 2010, Ty shared his broader business expertise by presenting a paper about CEOs and mergers and acquisitions at HEC Montreal.

“The paper investigates whether the acquisitions made by well-managed firms are better than those made by poorly managed firms,” Ty says. “It explores a new way to look at the quality of management.”

Over the past several years, Ty has chaired the Kulp-Wright Book Award Committee for the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA). He serves on the Journal of Insurance Regulation Editorial Review Board and has been involved in ARIA’s Risk Theory Society, a small group of university faculty who discuss research in risk theory and risk management. This is in addition to his involvement with the Griffith Foundation’s symposia on Enterprise Risk Management.

Always on the move, Ty also attended the ARIA’s conference in San Diego this August and recently presented a paper at the University of Nebraska.