Spring 2013 Newsletter

The RMI Certificate: A Natural Partner with the New Business Analytics and Information Systems Major

By Ty Leverty, Associate Professor of Finance, TriStar Risk Management Fellow

As the amount of data accessible to businesses continues to rapidly expand, businesses have a growing need to collect, organize, and analyze data to gain insights on how to make organizations more profitable, productive, and competitive. To address this need, the Management Sciences Department offers a new major that focuses on data-driven innovation.

The business analytics track of the new major focuses on the use of data to analyze and improve business processes. Students will be introduced to state-of-the-art analytical techniques in data mining, supply chain management, simulation, and optimization. Graduates of the business analytics track will have acquired the skill set to: systematically identify ways to improve current business processes; analyze large-scale business data and provide actionable insights; design decision-support systems; and understand and manage supply chain operations.

The BAIS major pairs well with the RMI certificate program, and particularly with the new Risk Modeling course. As such, we have streamlined the path to the RMI certificate for BAIS majors. Students will need to successfully complete four of the RMI courses. Optimization and Simulation Modeling along with Risk Modeling will be two required courses for the new major. 

Note:  Professor Leverty was instrumental in developing the BAIS/RMI curriculum and guiding it through the approval process. Students will begin enrolling in the BAIS major and the new BAIS/RMI certificate curriculum this fall. 

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