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A Year of Exceptional Growth

By Larry Hershberger, Director

Larry Hershberger

The past year has been one of exceptional growth in the Institute’s Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program. As an example, when our first newsletter was published in spring 2008, 41 students were enrolled in the RMI certificate program. In the spring 2009 semester, 68 students are pursuing the certificate. Combined with the 6 we graduated in the fall, we have a total enrollment of 74 for the current academic year. We can locate 26 of the 34 gradautes, and 23 are working in the industry.

Our ability to achieve the Institute’s mission of providing a comprehensive and innovative program of education and research in RMI depends on having a solid core of students working to complete the academic requirements of the certificate. This, in turn, helps assure that a steady stream of graduates is well prepared for successful careers in the RMI industry.

To accommodate this growth in the program, we have added a fifth section of the introductory RMI core course, Principles of Risk Management and Insurance. Also, we now offer the other core course, Corporate and Financial Risk Management, each semester rather than every other semester, as we did initially. This academic year some 292 students will have completed the Principles course, an increase of 38 over the preceding year. Having this large number of students in the introductory course contributes to solid growth in the number of students who decide to then enroll in the certificate program, as cited above, and take additional RMI courses.

The three other RMI courses being offered this spring have all experienced record enrollments since the program was launched four years ago. Corporate and Financial Risk Management has 37 students, Property and Liability Insurance has 44, and Employee Benefit Plans has 64. The bottom line is that we anticipate 24 students will be awarded the RMI certificate at spring commencement. This too will be a record number, and will bring the total number of certificates awarded since the program’s inception to 58.

While very gratifying, this growth in the Vaughan Institute provides us with a powerful incentive to continue working hard to strengthen and improve the RMI program to assure that it meets the high standards of the Tippie College of Business and The University of Iowa. At the same time, we look forward to working with our friends and partners in the industry to see that our graduates help meet their future employment needs. With the ongoing support from the Tippie College, a talented and dedicated group of faculty, and the critical support from the industry, I’m confident we can meet the many challenges and goals that lie ahead.

I hope you find the newsletter informative and of interest. As always, we would very much appreciate hearing from you with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

Larry Hershberger, Director