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  1. The case will be distributed two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Once the case is distributed, teams cannot solicit assistance from anyone who is not on the team (including staff, faculty, other students, and the sponsoring company). All work presented must be solely that of the participating team members. Outside research is allowed (e.g. written, online).
  3. Presentations must be formatted using Microsoft PowerPoint and be PC-compatible. Teams are free to choose the software they utilize to analyze the data.
  4. The first slide of the presentation should list your assigned team number, as well as photos and names of team members. Do not put your school name or logo on any material and do not identify your affiliation to the judges prior to or during the presentations. A student's school affiliation should remain anonymous.  UPDATED
  5. Teams must upload their presentations to the link provided in a subsequent email by competition officials. Presentations must be turned in by 8:00am (Central Time) on Thursday, April 16 . You will not be permitted to make changes to your slides after this submission deadline.
  6. Teams will be assigned a presentation time slot at random during the welcome reception on Thursday evening.
  7. A study room will be provided to each team for their use on Friday.
  8. Each member of the team is required to present, although the amount of time per speaker may vary. The total time allocated to each team’s presentation will be 15 minutes.
  9. Sitting in on any other team’s presentation is grounds for disqualification. Accompanying advisors may sit in on the presentations in the room where their team is competing, but cannot assist or communicate with their team about the competition in any way. This includes feedback prior to a final round competition for advancing teams. Advisors of teams may sit in on the judges’ feedback session for their team only.
  10. Final round presentations are open to all non-advancing teams and to the public.
  11. No printed materials can be distributed to judges. NEW 


  1. The judges will act as a group of top managers and/or directors. The judges are familiar with the problems identified in the case. Therefore, the case facts do not need to be repeated. Define and analyze the problem and present a justified plan of action with recommendations. UPDATED
  2. Judges will have no more than 5 minutes to ask questions. Judges may direct their questions to the overall team or to an individual member of a team.
  3. A timekeeper in each room will inform the team and judges when five, two and one minute remain of the designated 15 minute presentation time and again during the question period. When time expires, the timekeeper will stop the presentation regardless of whether the team’s presentation is complete.

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