Join the Tippie College for a virtual alumni panel event

The Business of Non-Profit Governance

Tuesday, January 25
4 to 5 p.m. CST
Via Zoom

Non-profits, the so-called Third Sector, offer more than 10% of the non-government jobs in the United States and are growing in both rural and urban areas. For many Tippie graduates, one of the most rewarding learning experiences is working with non-profits. Joining a non-profit board, in particular, offers an opportunity to learn and to apply business knowledge. And business savvy board members are a valuable addition to any board. In this session we will hear from Tippie alumni about their experience with non-profit governance, learning their stories and getting their advice on how to get involved.

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Leighton Smith
Leighton Smith (JD08, MBA08)
Director of Business Advisory Services & Shareholder
Nancy Kittle
Nancy Kittle (BA75, MA77)
Continuity, Inc.
Kevin Amoo Mensah
Kevin Amoo-Mensah (BBA08)
Client Strategist
BNY Mellon Wealth Management


Ken Brown
Ken Brown
Tippie Children Professor
Department of Management