Access MBA-level talent to tackle pressing business problems

Does your business have more opportunities than it has the resources to vet? Or is it suffering from a shortage of new ideas?

In either case, there is tremendous value to getting fresh perspective, scanning the industry, or quantifying opportunities in front of you. And that’s exactly what we do. Think of Iowa MBA Consulting as an extension of your team. We're here to provide concentrated horsepower to advance a pressing challenge or provide you with a roadmap to seize an opportunity, whether you are a Fortune 100 client or a nonprofit.

How it works

You get access to a globally diverse, competent, cross-functional team of MBA students, typically from a blend of disciplines like marketing, finance, and analytics. They provide consulting services via 17-week-long projects based on a set of deliverables, milestones, and management presentations. In the case of cross-functional projects, the group is led by our most experienced second-year MBA students and receives oversight from Iowa MBA Consulting’s director, a seasoned industry professional.

You get access to analytical talent, plus the opportunity to “evaluate” potential hires to your organization—at a fraction of what you would be charged in a for-profit environment.

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Specialized consulting

The 17-week cross-functional project structure and timing is the most common way we do MBA-level student consulting. But realistically, this approach doesn't fit every project.

If your project requires specific expertise in marketing, finance, or business analytics, Iowa MBA Consulting may refer you to staff and faculty that can provide deeper consulting firepower.

These discipline-specific projects are staffed by MBA students concentrating their studies in that discipline. The teams are overseen by expert faculty and staff with a wealth of subject-matter and industry expertise.

Project portfolio

In short, we are generalists and tackle a wide range of projects. Our consultants have helped optimize inventory levels for an auto manufacturer, bring a new product concept to market for a regional nonprofit, and done a market opportunity assessment for a global insurance giant.

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What do Best Buy and Iowa-based Schafer Systems have in common? Or The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and GE Healthcare? You guessed it. We’ve had the pleasure of working an incredibly diverse client base.

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Alumni Story
At Tippie, Tara From (MBA11) led marketing for a consulting team to help a Chicago nonprofit get GPS-enabled cell phones to blind and visually impaired children in Illinois

“I can see why many of my classmates were drawn to consulting. You get exposure to a wide variety of business problems. You also work with very smart people."

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