Recent consulting engagements

While no two projects are the same, almost all Iowa MBA Consulting projects are highly analytical in nature. Not all our clients are located in our immediate geography—projects can be, and often are, done remotely.

Some of the most common project scopes include business model analysis, market analysis and product introduction, and profitability improvement through analysis of existing product and pricing data.



The maker of Indian and Victory motorcycles came to Iowa MBA Consulting for help determining the optimal stock levels for parts inventory. A fender in the warehouse ties up capital, but must be accessible to turn around a bike quickly. The MBA consultants needed to balance streamlining and holding to promised delivery times.

The team calculated optimal stock levels and delivered a tool to allow Polaris to better manage them. Polaris can now reap the benefits of lower inventory, and more importantly, preserve short lead times from order to delivery.


Urban Teacher Residency United (UTRU)

Roughly half of urban public school teachers leave their jobs within three years, largely because they're unprepared to teach. UTRU provides training and support to bring teachers into difficult classrooms. UTRU came to Tippie for help attracting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) grads to its teacher residency programs. It was an uphill battle—STEM grads are rarely unemployed and make good money.

Through research, the MBA team uncovered insights that UTRU could use to target messaging. Research revealed what appealed to STEM recruits, and their barriers to signing on. URTU could then emphasize what was important and overcome objections in communications to recruits.



Specializing in creating valued brand and product experiences, Starcom turned to Iowa MBA Consulting to grasp the Millennial mindset: who are they, what's important to them, and what does this mean for companies that want to hire them?

Our team delivered a strategic framework to attract, engage, and retain Millennial talent. They conducted on-site primary research, uncovered key insights in secondary research, and collaborated closely with Starcom HR. The final report delivered impactful recommendations that Starcom could put to work immediately.



ACT, a nonprofit player in education and workforce development, came to Iowa MBA Consulting to understand how they could develop, implement, and measure customer experience initiatives. The team was charged with researching customer experience in industries like health care, manufacturing, and retail, to see what ACT could learn from them.

A path forward for ACT was identified, and the team launched into current-state analysis through interviews with key internal stakeholders. Ultimately, ACT emerged from the project better equipped to enter the customer-focused landscape and boost their social and financial bottom line.

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