Recruit Tippie students

We're revealing why employers recruit our students year after year.

It starts with some of the brightest students in the Midwest, with unrelenting work ethic. It gets stronger with the addition of a diverse talent pool from all around the world, from Seattle to Shanghai. All of these young minds go through the rigorous Tippie experience, with its strong business fundamentals, focus on real-world projects, and career preparation.

Recruit undergraduate and MAC students

Recruit at Iowa

Pomerantz Career Center is the university's central hub for posting jobs and internships. You can view resumes for Tippie undergraduates and Master of Accountancy (MAC) students, participate in career fairs, conduct on-campus interviews, post jobs and internships, recruit online, and more. Contact: Sara Burden

Specialized business recruiting

Tippie offers several ways for its undergraduate students to focus on a particular job function or industry. If you are recruiting specifically for finance, investment banking, marketing, or risk management and insurance roles, let us connect you with our best and brightest students seeking specifically those positions.

Recruit real-money portfolio managers

We believe in the power of real-world experiences, and the value recruiters get from adding this experienced talent to your team. Select Tippie undergraduates and Master of Finance students act as portfolio managers and analysts for endowed investment portfolios through the Krause Fund, Henry Fund, and Hart Fund experiences. Recruit one of our student analysts to get tremendous value out of your new hire on day one.

See student analyst talent and view each analyst's research:

Recruit graduate students

We don’t believe recruiting has to be a one-size-fits-all process, especially at the graduate level. Our Specialized Master's Career Services team provides multiple avenues for employers to gain access to top talent in the Master of Finance and Master of Business Analytics programs.

Recruit on campus

Build your brand on our campus with company presentations, which can be coordinated with on-campus interviews if desired. See on-campus recruiting.

Post a job

Post an internship or full-time position using our portal or help us understand your need and we’ll refer the best-suited candidates. Post job openings.


Hire international students

Odds are your business opportunities don’t stop at the state line. Neither should your talent search. From building a globally competent, multilingual workforce to bringing international perspectives to your organization, the case for hiring international students is a clear one. We’ve prepared some basic information about hiring international candidates from Tippie.

More on international hiring

Recruit PhD candidates

We keep a listing of job-market candidates from our PhD programs for recruiters seeking  academic or industry talent. See job-market candidates in accounting, business analyticseconomics, finance, management and entrepreneurship, and marketing.