Knowledge creation is a strategic priority for Tippie

We have a proud legacy of thought leadership in academic research and research that transforms practice.

From Erik Lie, named to the Time 100 for his ground-breaking research on options backdating, to Ann Campbell, an international expert in vehicle routing—Tippie faculty are pushing the boundaries of knowledge creation across its six academic departments.

MRI Machine

Technology fuels research

From a Tobii X2-60 eye-tracker to skin conductance response sensors, Biopac psychophysiological systems, and a full-blown behavioral research lab, technology helps elevate research—and teaching—at Tippie.

Faculty Story
Richard Peter

Researching risks

Assistant professor Richard Peter not only enjoys taking risks—like moving from Germany to teach at Tippie—he loves researching them. 

"Risk is kind of an abstract concept. However, everyone faces risk, retirement risk, labor income risk, health risks, etc," says Peter. "I find this all very interesting and exciting to think about."

His research focuses on insurance markets, and thanks to techno-fueled information boom, the insurance landscape has changed in a big way. He's here to find out how it all comes together.

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Media inquiries

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