Knowledge creation is a strategic priority for Tippie

We have a proud legacy of thought leadership in academic research and research that transforms practice.

From Erik Lie, named to the Time 100 for his ground-breaking research on options backdating, to Scott Seibert, the most-cited researcher on “career success” in Google Scholar, to Ann Campbell, an international expert in vehicle routing—Tippie faculty are pushing the boundaries of knowledge creation across its six academic departments.

MRI Machine

Technology fuels research

Bill Hedgcock, assistant professor of marketing and the Daniel E. McLean Research Fellow, uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology to look at how different parts of the brain get involved in consumer decisions, and how exercising self-control for one decision affects the decisions that come after.

From a Tobii X2-60 eye-tracker to skin conductance response sensors, Biopac psychophysiological systems, and a full-blown behavioral research lab, technology helps elevate research—and teaching—at Tippie.

Faculty Story
Alice Wang

How loneliness affects consumer responses to marketing campaigns

For almost a decade, Wang has studied how loneliness affects consumer responses to marketing information. Her research began with a study that looked at how lonely people respond to public “endorsements,” like Yelp or TripAdvisor. She found that as long as the endorsement was not indicative of poor quality, lonely people would prefer the minority endorsement (for example, 20 percent of previous customers liked the hotel décor) in private consumption situations because they identify with being a minority.

“If a lonely person buys a movie to watch alone or a product to use privately, he or she chooses the minority endorsement,” Wang says. “But if a lonely person buys something to use publicly, he or she chooses the majority endorsement. Loners know they belong to the minority. When the consumption is public, they know they’re being judged by others so they switch to the product endorsed by the majority.”

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