About us

The Greater China Business Association (GCBA) works to create mutual understanding between Asia and the United States at the Tippie College of Business. Through sharing our experiences and connecting a diverse group of students, we will help you be a successful and global-minded professional.

How to join

GCBA welcomes students of all majors and backgrounds to join. Contact us for information about meeting times and locations.

Learn from your peers

We host upperclass speakers who give advice to our members. These speakers usually include students who have secured internships or job offers and are ready to share their wisdom. They talk about their Tippie experience starting as a first-year student and what guided them to where they are now.

Chinese Lunar New Year

GCBA loves to spread Chinese culture throughout Tippie. We host a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration with decorations, food, and an environment for all students to celebrate. This is a great chance for you to learn about a fun international holiday.

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Fei Zhang