About us

I-Envision combines innovation and entrepreneurship to create a community of people who truly value creativity. In this orgnaization, you will be encouraged to think big and channel your entrepreneurial spirit.

How to join

Joining I-Envision is easy. Just attend one of our weekly Tuesday meetings at 7 p.m. Contact us for meeting locations. 


I-Envision hosts the IdeaStorm pitch competition offering the winning competitor $1,500 in prize money. This event is a perfect way for you to make yourself stand out to employers. And, competition aside, it is a great way to bounce entrepreneurial ideas around.

Be a strategy consultant

As a part of I-Envision, you will double as a student and a strategy consultant. You will get to advise real-world companies on which direction they should take to succeed. Roles like this give our members the relevant experience that investors are looking for.

Startup Crawl

We are all about hosting unique events to give you a better student organization experience. During the Startup Crawl, we get to talk with promising organizations and budding entrepreneurs. Even better, these startup companies are interested in hiring students like you. 

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