Academic support during your time here at Tippie.

As a student in the Full-time Master's of Business Analytics program, you can expect many things from the Specialty Master’s Career Service team.


  1. Regularly scheduled programming that will showcase topics such as “How to use LinkedIn”, “Career Fair Preparation”, “Professional Documents”, and “How to Interview using the STAR Format.” There are 7-9 programs each year.
  2. Ability to schedule 1:1 coaching meetings. These meetings are opportunities for you to get individualized support in defining career goals, how to approach job/internship search, interview preparation, mock interviews, negotiations, etc.
  3. Access to and support from Professional Directors in your specific degree. A unique offering to have professionals from industry available to support your efforts, advise, and help you prepare while at Tippie. 
  4. Tools and resources—specialty masters career guide, online platform (GradLeaders), and case materials.
  5. Resume review.  All “seeking” students will take part in a formal resume review process in order to be “application ready” prior to September 1st. 
  6. Support in identifying and securing a summer experience and full-time roles while creating opportunities through on-campus recruiting, job postings, career fairs, and alumni connections.
  7. Opportunities to engage in activities that support your career goals such as (but not limited to) Henry Fund, experiential learning, and case competition(s).

Career Services works to be a trusted partner to students, faculty and staff, employers and alumni.  We are results driven and our priority is to provide exceptional service—timely, accurately, and customized.