Billing schedule

You will receive four invoices during the program, one at the beginning of each semester for the upcoming courses.

For the convenience of the students, the staff handles all details such as course registrations, book purchases and distribution, materials assembly and distribution, dining and graduation arrangements. You are also provided free parking on campus throughout the program. You are responsible for transportation to and from campus and airfare for the international seminar.

This fee structure is effective for the Iowa City cohort program beginning fall 2015 and the Des Moines cohort beginning January 2016. Please contact us for more details about fees and payment schedule.

Tuition responsibility schedule

The tuition responsibility schedule specifies what portion of the program tuition you are responsible for in the event that you withdraw from the program. The following tables indicate tuition percentages at different points in the program.

Our policy has changed, effective July 1, 2016, but students enrolled prior to this date are grandfathered under the previous schedule.

EMBA students enrolled after July 1, 2016

Notification to drop course or withdraw from program received:

% Tuition

Before end of prior class or prior semester 0%
Day of 1st class session through day prior to 2nd class session 10%
Day of 2nd class session through day prior to 3rd class session 25%
Day of 3rd class session through day prior to 4th class session 50%
Day of 4th class session through day prior to 5th class session 75%
Day of 5th class session and after 100%

EMBA students whose enrollment began before June 30, 2016

Notification to drop course received:

% Tuition

Before end of prior class/semester 0%
After prior semester ends; before first class session 10%
During & after first class session 25%
During & after second class session 50%
During & after third class session 75%
During & after fourth class session 100%